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Year In Pictures: 2010/05/02

Rain glistens on the blossoming honeysuckle. It doesn't get much more spring-like than that. Unfortunately the rain means that we probably won't be doing any cycling today. I have been bit by the cycling bug lately (or maybe that's just saddle sores from having the seat at the wrong height yesterday).


I played around with a few different aperture and shutter settings, and ultimately went with the f/8.0, 1/60th second one as having the best compromise. I didn't want the focal length too long or the subject of the picture would just get lost in the background, but I couldn't make it too shallow or I'd start losing elements of the foreground itself. Even then, I applied some artificial lens blur to the edges of the picture via software -- then promptly cropped away most of the blurred part anyway. Such is the evolution of a picture at times.

I thought that the BW conversion if it worked pretty well too, but I ultimately went with the full colour version of it since spring just seems more springlike when it's green.
You can probably see why I decided to crop it a bit as well.

Damn it, there's fun stuff going on out there and I'm being excluded. Please sir, might I come outside for a bit?
This picture does not do justice to her rather vocal displeasure at being excluded form the action outside.
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