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Year In Pictures: 2010/04/22

We celebrated atara's scholarship by feasting on sushi this evening. It's not a huge scholarship, but we didn't eat that much sushi either so it all balances out.

Sushi Plus is not the fanciest sushi in town, but I am particularly fond of their geisha rolls.

Pictured here (clockwise starting at the left) are the geisha rolls, scallops, 2x chopped surf clam rolls, beach rolls, Alaska rolls and tuna rolls.


I shot this at f/2.4, but the depth of field almost looks like I shot it at 1.8. I almost wish I had halved the shutter speed from the 1/60th I shot this at and tried to push the aperture to f/4.0

I am not totally displeased with the picture, but I had been trying for a little more depth.

Other than tweaking the temperature and saturation a bit, I didn't change much in this picture before uploading it.
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