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Year In Pictures: 2010/04/08

I saw this statue outside of St Mary's Cathedral juxtaposed against the new Manitoba Hydro building and thought it might make an interesting picture.


I tried three shots with different aperture settings, and finally went with the one at f/4.0 because it gave a good mix of sharp foreground, and a slightly de-emphasized background without being completely lost. The lighting for this one was terrible, since the statue was in shadow and the buildings were in full sunlight, but I set it at 1/500th of a second anyway, knowing that the buildings would be somewhat over-exposed.

I trimmed a little bit away from the edges, corrected the exposure a bit, and then converted it to black and white. On a whim I did a 10% yellow overlay wash and liked the effect, so I left it.
Tags: 2010yip
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