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It is a good day to... travel?

They have been predicting for awhile that our dollar could climb back up to par with the $US, and it looks like it is flirting with that level again today. I don't think it is official until the markets close with the dollar at that level though.

In other news, I am hungry. It is my own fault, mind you. When I was getting ready for work this morning I forgot about packing a lunch because I was too lost in my coffee. Mmm... coffee...

In a break between the wind and nastiness yesterday I rushed outside and roasted a couple batches of coffee. Normally I would remove the coffee right at the start of its second crack, but yesterday I had my nose buried in a book and didn't realize it had entered that phase until it had been crackling for awhile. In order to stay consistent, I decided to let the second batch run about as long.

This batch of coffee was considerably better than that last few that I have roasted, which leads me to conclude that I have been under-roasting my last few batches. I am thinking that I will let the next batch go a bit longer to see if I have found the sweet spot, or if a slightly darker roast will improve it even more. It was fortuitous that I was distracted by an engaging story and missed my usual stopping time.

Let this be a lesson to parents that encouraging your kids to read books will only enrich their lives later.

Anyway, back to that whole "hungry" thing. I set my alarm for a little later than usual this morning with the idea that I would compress my prep time a bit and get out at about the usual time. Unfortunately the coffee was so good that I ended up savouring it for much longer than I usually spend over my morning coffee. As a result, I didn't have time to build a proper lunch - not without making myself woefully late anyway.

I grabbed a grapefruit and an apple out of the fruit basket, a small yoghurt out of the fridge and a snack bar. If I had eaten breakfast, this probably would have been enough to carry me through the day, but in my quest to squeeze ever last drop of delicious liquid out of the coffee grounds this morning I neglected to eat anything so these pieces of fruit served as both my breakfast and my lunch.

I discovered an orange in the top drawer of my desk that I apparently left there on Friday. It was from the veggie box of a week ago last Tuesday, so it had turned a little hard but I added it to the fruit mix anyway and called it lunch.

When noon came, and I had already eaten every meagre scrap I had packed, I had two options: I could either wander out and spend some of my allowance money at one of the local food outlets, or I could go for a long, brisk walk to take my mind off of food. I grabbed some money out of my coffee-fund drawer in case I came to my senses and then embarked on a walk.

I'm still hungry, but I've been drinking water all afternoon to take the edge off it. Hunger aside, I'm actually feeling pretty darned good right now, and I attribute much of that to the walk. I got into the habit of doing that almost daily last summer, and if the weather holds I am going to try and pick up where I left off this spring. If I start feeling really ambitious, I may start tackling the stairwell again. Nine stories doesn't sound like a lot until you get up to somewhere around the 7th floor...
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