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Year In Pictures: 2010/04/03

We had a fairly productive day today, though unfortunately that translated into spending money again. atara has a good run-down of where our money went today.

One of our goals today was to track down a good burrito. To that end we cruised up and down Osborn Street trying to track down one of the new(ish) Mexican restaurants we knew were in the area. After a couple of fruitless passes, we finally parked the car in a public lot and took a stroll through the village to see if there was anything we had missed while driving through. Eventually we found the Burrito Del Rio Taqueria about half a block up River, just east of The Village.

atara ordered a regular-sized chicken burrito for herself, and without seeing what she got, I ordered a grande pulled-pork burrito. By the time they finished making hers, I realized that the prices were a little deceptive. A word of warning if any of you local folk decide to try this place; when they say grande on the menu, they mean it. I heartily recommend the place, and not just based on the quantity for the dollar. The food was really quite good.

Anyway, on to the picture. I haven't actually started reading this book yet, but it is in the queue of books on my night stand. While I was bandying about looking for something to photograph tonight, my eye happened to fall on a book light on the coffee table, and I figured that I could probably do something creative with it. I originally grabbed a book at random, and then quickly swapped it for the hard cover book underneath it. This book has a film noir theme that nicely matches the mood of the picture. Also the fact that it is open to the start of chapter 13 was pure chance, and entirely lost on me while I was setting up this shot. I only noticed that detail when I was doing post-processing on the picture.


This picture pretty much ended up being pretty much what I set out to take; a little oasis of literature in a sea of black. I cropped it and sharpened it a bit, and then converted it to black & white because I am a real sucker for b&w pictures (and because when I toggled it between colour and b&w, I felt that the b&w shot captured the mood better).

I shot this one with the 50mm lens, with an aperture of f/19.0 and a 6-second shutter.
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