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Year In Pictures: 2010/04/02

From high atop her perch on the old box spring, Jaws ponders the wall and wonders if it might be relevant to her interests.


f/3.3, 1/60th of a second. I dragged the halogen floor lamp out of the computer room and crooked it under my elbow so that I could use it as an extra light source for this shot. I like the results; jaws literally jumps out of the frame.

I converted it to black and white because it was just too hard to colour balance with the mix of florescent and halogen lighting. Once I had done so, I decided it looked much better as a black and white shot anyway.

Other than adjusting the lighting a bit (the original was underexposed), sharpening it just a hint and converting it to black and white, I did no other manipulation on this shot. No cropping, no rotating - nada.
Tags: 2010yip
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