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Year In Pictures: 2010/04/01

The hot dog vendor in front of our building has been taking advantage of the freakishly warm weather to get an early start on the season. I'm not complaining.

From top to bottom: Dijon mustard, sauerkraut and dill pickle slices; regular mustard, sweet relish, a generous helping of onion and a shot of barbecue sauce to add some colour.


I tried shooting these from 2-3 different angles before going with the view that I chose for my PoTD. I actually preferred the end view (see below) in most respects except that the perspective made the pickles look odd. Both pictures were shot at 1/180th of a second with an aperture of f/8.0. The top picture is cropped, modestly sharpened, and colour-corrected since I took it from the raw file. The second picture is the untouched JPEG from my camera.

Hot Dog!
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