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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/28

Turkish delight!

We stopped at the Halal Meats Centre & Specialty Foods store today to pick up some raw coffee. I managed to avoid the temptation to grab several more interesting-looking items while we were there, but the Turkish Delight managed to sneak by under my defences. I pondered over the various boxes and brands before I settled on some rose-flavoured ones that looked like they had been packaged in somebody's kitchen. It's exquisitely good.


I tried to make an aesthetically pleasing arrangement on the plate, but I have never had a great eye for arrangements. I dusted off the light box for this picture and took a few shots with various exposure settings before I decided to cheat a bit and use some late flash-fill with the diffuser. Some day I am going to build a proper light box with better lighting.

I shot this one at f/22.0 with the shutter at 7/10 of a second. The flash created a slightly harsher shadow than I'd have liked, but I think it turned out a little better with the flash than without, and the colour of the Turkish Delight came out well. I cropped away most of the backdrop, and then selected it and desaturated it a little because the colour-correction turned it a little too blue.
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