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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/21

It was fend for yourself day for lunch, and after some debate I decided to go with the salad - it was either that or KD. We had a head of butter lettuce left over from our fresh box of almost two weeks back (we've been slacking on the salads lately) and it was starting to turn funny colours. I love butter lettuce, and I was reluctant to see it go to waste, so I peeled away the slimy outside layers to see if any of it was salvageable.

I managed to recover about half of the lettuce once I started pulling away leaves. We have some radishes from the same batch of produce, as well as some mushrooms that atara bought (and we subsequently forgot to use) for a stir-fry last week. On further digging in the refrigerator, I also found some nice green onions and cucumber. Alas, I got so side-tracked with the mushrooms and onions that I forgot all about the cukes. In retrospect the salad probably did not need them.

Green salads are not one of those things that need a recipe, but here is how I built this.

1) Lay out a bed of washed, gently torn butter lettuce.
2) Layer on three sliced radishes.
3) Layer on three sliced mushrooms.
4) Sprinkle liberally with a green onion, medium-sliced.
5) Top with a garnish of deep-fried onions.
6) Take a few pictures, and finally
7) Eat with a light drizzle of blue cheese dressing.


The lighting was not great for this shot, but I decided that I could compensate for that with the exposure time. It was not until long after the salad was eaten that it occurred to me that I should have just set up the light box again. This is the kind of thing I built it for in the first place. D'oh!

Anyway, I cranked the aperture down to f/16.0 for this one, which meant that I had to take another very long exposure - 20 seconds in this case. I used the delayed shutter mode on my camera to reduce shake, and the results came out pretty good. The colours were badly skewed toward the blue because this was shot in indirect daylight, so I had to push things toward the red again in software. Fortunately I shoot everything in raw mode which gives me lots of colour space in which to play.

I sharpened it a bit, adjusted the exposure and shadows a very small amount, and finally I rotated it two degrees clockwise and trimmed away the black edges.

I debated over going with the pre-dressing, or post-dressing picture and finally opted for the first since it showed off the colours a bit better.

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