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Year in Pictures: 2010/03/20

I picked up some white hot chocolate mix at the bulk store today. It was ok, even made with water, but for my next attempt I am going to heat some milk instead.


The interesting cropping is because I shot the picture with the camera at an odd angle, and then when I was working on it in software later I decided that I wasn't entirely fond of the angled shot. Unfortunately by that point I had already finished drinking the chocolate, so there was naught for it but to rotate it in software.

Shot with a flash at 1/200th of a second with the aperture set to f/8.0. Other than rotating it 45 degrees, I did very little tweaking to this one in software other than to colour-balance it (because the raw images from the camera are not colour-corrected).

Here was yesterday's picture. I put it up on Flickr, but I was too tired to post it here. Its' Merry, looking very Merry-like.

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