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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/18

Now that we have freezer space available in our upstairs refrigerator, we have ice cubes again. That means that I can start making Martinis again. Truth be told, I would be almost as happy skipping the Martini part and just eating the olives. Almost.

For the record, this one is made with two parts Tanqueray gin to one part dry Martini. Stirred, not shaken.


I tried a few different tricks with the lighting when I took this one. They all looked good in the camera, but I am glad that I persisted because it was the last shot that I liked the best. The backdrop is a black, felt-covered board that I made over a quarter of a century ago to serve as a die-rolling pad. After gathering dust out in the garage for many years, it has more recently found new life as a backdrop for photographs.

For this shot I turned off all of the lights and let the last vestiges of daylight trickling in the kitchen window do its magic.

I shot this with an aperture of f/6.7 at an exposure time of 30 seconds. Obviously I used a tripod. I colour-corrected it, cropped a tiny bit off the edges and balanced the lighting just a tad. Finally I applied a couple layers of conservative sharpening.
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