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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/16

Lightly spiced and almost perfectly grilled. After bone-in prime rib, I think that rib-eye steaks are my favourite thing on the grill.

This is not the earliest I have grilled, nor the coldest weather in which I have grilled, but this is the least self-conscious I have felt hauling out the barbecue this early in the year. Grilling weather has definitely come early to Winnipeg. To round out the meal, atara heated up some garlic bread, and whipped up some delicious butter nut squash risotto inspired by a recipe from duncandahusky.

One of the side benefits of risotto is that it contains wine, and we get to finish the bottle over dinner. Tonight it was an inoffensive Gato Negro Sauvignon blanc. Normally one would lean toward a red to to with steaks, but I think the whole "match the colour to the meat" thing is a bit overdone at times. I am a firm believer in drinking the wines you like with the foods you like. Yes, I would have preferred a merlot or shiraz with this meal, but I think the white complemented it very well.


The picture captures pretty much what I was hoping to capture; a grilled steak with a hint of flame underneath. I shot at f/6.7 and 1/200th of a second with flash fill using the diffuser. Other than sharpening it a bit and minor cropping, the picture did not need a lot of work.
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