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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/14-15

I was dead tired when I processed this one, and as soon as I looked at it this I realized that in my haste last night I badly over-corrected the colour. Oh well, live and learn.


Quick, what's missing from this UV filter? If you answered, "The glass!" then you obviously read my entry here the other day - well, and also noticed that the glass was missing.


I set this up on my desk at work because it has a fairly good overhead lamp that I could swing over to light the scene. I took a shot under the light, then on a whim I attached the diffuser and took another shot using the flash for fill. I think it worked out ok.

Shot at f/9.5, 1/200th of a second. Brightened it a bit, cropped it, and did a bit of selective sharpening.

Also, in other news, happy birthday Jaws! As near as we can guess, she turns approximately 14 today. Even at that age a belt dragged enticingly along the bed is still too much to resist.

Birthday Girl
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