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Woke up feeling hung-over this morning

I touched nary a drop of liquor yesterday, but I woke up this morning with my head aching and all a-spin. Methinks a combination of the time change, and the fact that I slept in a bit late today has done bad things to my system. It's nothing that a bit more aspirin and coffee can't fix.

Now that I am finished with work this morning, I cleaned up a few more pictures from yesterday's trip to the zoo.

This is actually a shot looking toward town from the top of the parking deck down at The Forks. The city gives a nicer profile from the south and east than it does from the north and west. I think most cities tend to have a more picturesque side to them.

I had to resort to manual focus to get this one because the camera insisted that the fence in the foreground was a more important subject. Unfortunately my focus was just a bit out, so I did not get a really clear shot of these guys, though with a bit of sharpening and resizing this one is almost passable.

The lynx is undoubtedly the most smug member of the cat family.
Smug Lynx

... and one of the cleaner members too.
Winnipeg Zoo March 2010

The last time I took a picture of an un-caged gopher (sorry - Richardson's Ground Squirrel) at the zoo, it had a number spray-painted on its side. I don't know if they were inventorying them or racing them. I like to think that it was the latter.
Unnumbered gopher

Here is another shot of the deer that I posted yesterday, but looking a bit more deer-like in this pose. White tails are actually something of a nuisance around here, so there are a few people wondering why we bother keeping them at the zoo. Drive 5 minutes from town in any direction and you're at risk of being mugged by them because they are emboldened by their numbers.

Lie in the sun and chew your cud - what a life! I'm sure it would get boring after a few years, but I can see the short-term appeal.
Chewing cud

Another picture of the tiger that I posted yesterday, but zoomed out a bit. Your call: real or stuffed?
Immobile Tiger

Useless trivia that I have picked up over the years: you can tell that this is not a dromedary because it has two humps. How will that knowledge ever serve me? I suppose if I am ever in the market for a camel, I could sound erudite by saying, "How dare you try to sell me this dromedary! I asked for a bactrian camel, damnit!"

Junior was following mom like they were joined at the hip. Sometimes it's hard to let go.
Mom and her mini-me

At first I was unimpressed. "Oh look, another dull-witted herbivore." Then I noticed that this rebel had got an ear piercing. No doubt he's hiding a few tats under that fur too. I guess there's got to be a rebel in every herd.

Goats. Again with the ear piercings. This place is a zoo I tell you!

This is one of the ones that atara took with my camera. Any time she tries to tell you that she can't take good pictures, take it with a grain of salt.
Snowy Owl

Winnie in bronze. Hands up if you've ever heard of Winnie The Pooh. Okay, now keep your hand up if you knew that he was named after the city of Winnipeg. Well, indirectly. He was named after a toy bear who was named after a black bear in the London zoo, who was named after the city of Winnipeg by the WWI soldier who bought him. (That's not convoluted at all.) The more you know...
Winnipeg Zoo March 2010

Here's another one of those interesting pink birds.
Winnipeg Zoo March 2010

When I handed atara the camera and asked her to take a test pictures, she pointed it at me and snapped a shot. That is the face of a person who is convinced that he just broke his brand new lens and expensive camera. This is about a minute after the camera hit the ground. In this shot I am making my first attempt at getting the crushed cap off of the lens.

I don't know if the zoo came first or the airport, but there is a steady stream of aircraft overhead while you are there.

It's a dirty job being an owl. This one was meticulously bathing the whole time we were there. Rather than giving it some privacy to bathe, I snapped a few shots.
Winnipeg Zoo March 2010

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