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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/12

I met pierrekrahn for lunch today. I had already eaten lunch, so I got to sit and watch him eat a sushi bento while we chatted. My lunch consisted of meatballs and rice. Mine was a perfectly good lunch but man... sushi bento!


I snapped a couple of pictures of his lunch because you never know when a random picture is going to turn out more interesting than you had hoped. After snapping 5 pictures, I ultimately found that I liked the mix of colours and textures in the first picture, so that's the one I went with.

I broke with my usual method of shooting in full manual, and switched to aperture priority. I cranked the aperture wide open to f/1.8 and the camera decided that 1/180th of a second was the way to go. In retrospect if I had noticed how fast it was shooting, I would have backed off to f/3.3 or even 4.0. Pierre was already being indulgent enough to let me take pictures of his lunch before he started eating, and I didn't want to make him wait while I played with settings.

Once I got the raw file on my computer I toyed with the exposure and shadows a bit, boosted the contrast a touch, sharpened it a bit and then aggressively cropped the picture.
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