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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/10

Only the best glass will do when you're breaking out the good stuff. It's even the right colour.


atara bought this for me as a Christmas present about seven years ago. I am either happy to say, or embarrassed to admit that most of it is still left. I have shown an uncharacteristic amount of restraint in not getting into the good scotch.

I shot this one at ISO 320 so that I could take it without having to crank the lens all the way open. Even then, I still had it all the way open to f/2.4, and had to shoot at 1/30th of a second. I did some fairly aggressive cropping, but I knew exactly what parts I was going to crop even as I was setting up the shot. I brute-forced the colour balance manually and probably pushed it a smidgen to far into the blue, but given the subject matter I'm not too concerned about that. Finally I sharpened it, resized it, and sharpened it a bit more and then did a single pass for de-speckling it a bit.
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