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Year In Pictures: 2010/03/01

It's a fox and a tomato.

This is one of those ideas that was better on paper.


I was tossing around for ideas for my picture tonight and happened to spy the light box gathering dust at the back of the room. I thought, "why not?" Just about anything looks good when you photograph it in a light box. For this picture I chose a fox and a tomato. Why? Why not? There are a lot of things about this picture that make me unhappy; I don't like the lighting and I wish I had blown the dust out of the light box before I used it. I wish I had cleaned the camera lens.

Anyway, I'm tired and it will have to do.

As with most of my shots I set the ISO at 100. I prefer this setting because it generates the least sensor noise, though at the expense of longer exposure times. I wanted sharp detail, so I shot with an aperture of f/22.0 at 3.0(!) seconds. I boosted the exposure and shadows a bit, then colour-balanced it until the background was white. The resulting image looked unnaturally bright, and the fox's right side simply vanished into the background. I scrapped that one and redid the balance from scratch until it looked pretty close to what you see here, then I cranked the shit out of the saturation totally blowing out the red channel and making the tomato almost seem to glow. At least the poor little fox isn't melting into the background.

I heard a new (to me) song by Gary Numan the other day and on a whim I went poking around for him on Youtube. One of the videos I found was this slightly edgier, live version of his song Cars. Apparently he came out and did a couple of numbers with Nine Inch Nails when they were playing in London last year. This version of Cars features Trent Reznor on tambourine.

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