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Year In Pictures: 2010/02/27

It's an ice pillar in the making. By the time we returned from shopping today (in other news I bought a new handle and fixed the toilet) the two had joined to form an impressive 5' ice pillar beside the garage. If it is still standing tomorrow then guess what my PoTD is probably going to be?


Obviously I was trying to catch a water droplet in flight, but the gap was fairly short and I had about a 1/10th second window in which to capture it. I took about 50 shots with different settings to ensure that I would get at least one usable one from the lot. They are all shot at 100ISO, but from left to right the settings are:

f9.5, 1/750 second
f4.8, 1/1000 second
f11.0, 1/500 second

I did the usual sharpening, colour correction and slight boosts to the saturation. The cropping and pasting is pretty self-obvious IMO.
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