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Year In Pictures: 2010/02/18

We woke to a freezing fog and hoar frost this morning; all you warm climate folk are missing out.

Or not. Sure is pretty though.


One of the benefits of this picture a day project I am doing is that I take my camera with me everywhere, bulky and unwieldy as it can be at times. If this frost had hit at this time last year I probably would not have captured any pictures of it. By noon it had all dissipated.

This one was almost my picture for the day, but I decided I liked the colour mix and background on the other one better.
Hoar Frost 7

I took a few more pictures with the buildings ghosted by the fog, but I'd made the mistake of swapping lenses even though the lighting was bad and a lot of them turned out too blurry to use.
Hoar Frost

This was my other candidate for picture of the day. If you look carefully, you can see the ghostly outlines of the Manitoba Hydro building behind the trees. This picture was nothing special in colour, but on a whim I converted it to black & white and it really came alive.
Hoar Frost

Once again you can see the ghost of the Hydro building behind the trees. That's my office building encroaching into the picture on the left. This means that I was depressingly close to work when I took this shot.
Hoar Frost

I like the starkness of this one.
Hoar Frost

I'd have liked this one better if the little plant on the left hadn't been encroaching into it.
Hoar Frost
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