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My coffee pot broke yesterday, but that didn't stop me from my usual routine this morning of filling the tea kettle and turning on the grinder. While the grinder was noisily doing its thing, I turned to grab the coffee pot and was momentarily puzzled when I saw naught but a clean spot on the counter where it was supposed to be. I remembered a second later that it - rather, pieces of it - were sitting in the garbage by the back door. I quickly stopped the grinder so that I wouldn't end up with a full basket of coarse-ground coffee that I couldn't use and pondered my options.

I could throw some grounds into a soup pot and make some nice, crunchy "camp fire" coffee. I had the individual-cup drip basket that is older than fair number of people on my friends list. Unfortunately I don't have the right filters for it, and the ones I have area almost as old as the coffee basket itself. I have an individual French press kicking around here somewhere. I think. I also have that little Black & Decker coffee maker that didn't catch fire the last time I used it. Finally there was the vaguely-dangerous cappuccino maker; it hasn't blown up yet, but other than dusting it off to steam some milk early last year, it has been living safely in the back of the cupboard.

Mmmm... dangerous coffee...

I will have to play around with the amount of water and ground coffee to get this right, but it produced a decent cup of coffee for me this morning.
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