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I brought my portable HD in to work to lend to pierrekrahn, but the bugger still hasn't called or emailed me about it so I plugged it in and I've been nosing through it off and on today, taking a pictorial stroll down memory lane. While I was sifting through it I stumbled onto an old backup of my Olympus folder. One of the folders was named "Strawberry" and I knew immediately what it contained.

Strawberry was one of the cats that we fostered when we were taking them in from the Humane Society. She was a remarkably nice little cat, with a very checkered past. The only cat who we fostered for longer than her was Leia (who was almost as sweet tempered a cat, but was also a serious trouble-maker. She's the only foster cat who managed to repeatedly escape from her foster room.)

In this picture, we had just brought Strawberry back from having some ear polyps removed. She was still thoroughly dopey from the anaesthetic, which you can see from her somewhat unfocused expression. Just looking at her eyes, you can tell that not all of the cylinders were firing properly yet. That didn't stop her from doing her uncoordinated best to play with her favourite toy; atara has a heartbreakingly funny video of it posted up somewhere.

I just hope she went to the good home that she deserved. I sometimes wonder how some of our ex foster-cats are faring.

Strawberry Cone

Something else I found was a folder of art I accumulated from SCFA and similar places sometime back around 1997. A lot of is is from artists who have long since moved on to other things, or in some cases apparently fallen through the Earth's crust and vanished entirely. For the ones who are still around, it is kind of fun looking at these pictures and comparing it to their style now.

And some have not changed a thing in over 10 years of drawing.

Given what happened to the SCFA/Yerf servers, it would not surprise me if at least some of these 700ish images are the only ones still in existence - at least I've never seen them up anywhere else. I imagine a lot of them are ones that the artists are probably happy enough to have them out of circulation. Apparently I also went all fanboi over Melskunk at one point, because nearly 100 of the pictures are hers.

Finally I found a bunch of pictures of Merry when she was still just a kitten that we were fostering.

Merry then...
Merry Kitten
... and now.
Merry Close
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