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Year In Pictures: 2009/01/10

I can't help wondering if this one would have worked better in black and while.


I toyed around with some of the colour and levels settings in GIMP after I posed this picture. I could get better results if I wanted to play with it a bit longer, but I have real work that I am supposed to be doing here. This program is a bit clunky and awkward at times, but if you are willing to invest the time you can sometimes coax pretty decent results out of.
Light Reading

The saga wherein I have apparently inherited the lifetime support contract to try and get somebody set up with remote access to a Win2K machine - all via email exchanges - continues.

On Friday, she sent me an email with a bunch of attached screenshots that led me to believe the server software was trying to execute twice on the Win2K machine.

I told her to go into Start\Startup and see if the program was in there. I said, "If it's there, delete it because that's where it's probably trying to execute a second time." I told her to look there because I'm pretty sure I'd told her to put it there in the first place when she complained that it wasn't running when she rebooted the machine.

Today she finally emailed me back.

From the Win2K machine, I went to Start\Programs\TightVNCViewer, right-click on Tight VNC Viewer\delete\yes.

No no noooooo! Please tell me she didn't just go in and delete the main program. Now she says it isn't giving her quite as many errors on reboot, but she still can't remote in.

No shit! Really? For realz? I wonder why it's not working?

I told her to uninstall the server software and reinstall it from scratch. There's got to be a LOLCAT out there for this kind of occasion.
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