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Year in pictures: 20090102

Explanation: this is a little glass knick-knack that is supposed sit in the window and do cool prism things when sunlight hits it. In reality, thanks to the cats it spends more time on the floor than on the sill.

Last night I was thinking of mimicking atara's little light-painting trick (check it out, it's a gorgeous picture), but with a laser pointer. I was shining it about looking for a good effect when it hit this prism, and looked too interested not to photograph.


On another note, it is a total coincidence that I am listening to Pink Floyd while I post this.

And because I forgot to post it, here is my picture from the first. This kite has been hanging over atara's computer desk for so long that I sometimes forget how awesome it is.


Two down, 363 to go.
Tags: 2010yip
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