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A picture dump to end the decade.

The city came by this morning and started working on the small lake in front of our house. As you can see, the pond turned into a steaming hole. I suppose that's an improvement.
Steaming Hole

Eventually the hole got deeper, the steam got denser, and the backhoe operator disappeared down a ladder to do whatever mysterious things city workers do when they're down a hole. The supervisor stood by and smoked while this was going on, flicking his cigarette butts into our yard.
Steaming Hole

Finally they finished whatever they were doing and took the last steps in rendering our front walk impassable. I guess tripping hazards are better than a giant hole though.

I fear for our fence - it may never be the same. On the plus side, that may be enough incentive for us to replace it and the front walk this coming summer.

The cynic in me suspects that this is how our front entrance is going to look until spring thaw - that or they will come back on Monday and lay down some asphalt. It's better than a leak I suppose.
Poor Fence

In other news, one of the things I found while cleaning up the basement is my very first d20. I thought I lost it at work one day when I took it in as a joke to generate percentages for a report, but apparently that was not the die. Finding this die makes me very happy. It's my lucky favourite die. I almost called it lucky, but I had horrible luck with this one. My attachment to this bit of evil is purely sentimental, because this was an ornery die if ever there was one.

Finally, Merry still does cute very well. There's nothing like a warm radiator to bring out the cute in your cats.
Cute Merry
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