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2008 Santa Clause Parade

I can't believe I never got around to posting these.

The reindeer - or elk or whatever they were seemed quite friendly as long as you didn't look too deep into their flat, soulless eyes.
2008 Christmas Parade

Edmund is grinning like he knows he just scored the hottest chick in the land. Or maybe the coldest, but what's a few degrees between friends?
2008 Christmas Parade

I don't know why, but I found something mildly creepy about this snowman.
2008 Christmas Parade

When they're not trashing their rooms and slapping around hookers at their hotels, Shriners just love kids. Mister moustache here seems happy to have found a kid. Thumbs up to you too, mister 'stache.
2008 Christmas Parade

It's mister unstable inflatable snowman. Will he fall forward, or backward? Who can say?
2008 Christmas Parade

Mrs. Claus shows us her O face.
2008 Christmas Parade

I didn't think you could get much creepier than a clown. I thought wrong.
2008 Christmas Parade
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