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Photo Outing

I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a great photographer, but I like to think that enthusiasm is a perfectly acceptable substitute for true skill.

I took a walk about the park this afternoon and noticed that we still have a few straggler geese ducks about the town.
See Ya

I have been playing with B&W again lately. I shoot them in raw mode colour, and then do the B&W conversion on my computer using gradient overlays. I am still toying with the settings and channel mixes, but I'm fairly pleased with the results on this one.

The river was very calm today. After the severe flooding this past spring, the water is now at one of the lowest levels I can remember in awhile.

In a couple more months it will be frozen solid enough for me to walk out to that rail bridge for a closer shot.
Bridge 2

We never got much in the way of fall colours here this year, and now most of the trees are finally bare (it was odd seeing green leaves cascading to the ground around the trees). The reflections on the still water of the river were much more striking in person than they are in this picture.

This picture captured the feel of the day pretty well. There were a few people at the park, either walking their dogs, jogging around the perimeter, or watching their kids play on the swings. Most of the park was as vacant as this, though.
After Season2

It's barely 15:00 in this picture, but you can see that the angle of the sun is already very low in the sky and casting things in a very golden hue. The days can be depressingly short here in the winter. Now that I am in a windowless office again, I will probably go many days in a row without ever seeing the sun. It will be dark on the way to work, and dark on the way home again.
Just Passing Through

Rainbow Stage has an interesting roof.
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