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New digs

I updated my work machine to IE8 on Friday, and Monday morning I found a scud from IT in my inbox.

"You are receiving this message because you appear to have a computer with the [b]Internet Explorer 8[/b] web browser installed.

This application interacts with Internet..." [No shit!]

It goes on to explain how this means that IE8 poses a serious security threat and must be immediately removed.

They have a point.

On the other hand, removing it meant reverting back to IE7 which is our current corporate standard. I'm not quite sure how IE8 poses a greater threat than IE7, but I guess they get paid the big money to know these things over in IT.

These are the same people who made me remove Firefox because it it posed a serious security compared to IE6 (our standard at the time). And VLC was insecure compared to WMP9. [sigh]

One of the other things I did on Friday was get settled into my new broom closet office. It took us a couple of hours to rearrange the desks and tables in a manner that wasn't stupid, but didn't violate fire regulations either.

After some juggling, sketching and more shuffling, we finally realized that the best way to make it work was to lose one of the desks. We dragged it out the door and down the hall to the small training lab, where we stashed it in such a way as to make it look like it belonged there. Unless somebody had memorized the layout of the room, they would be hard pressed to notice that they suddenly had marginally less space to work with.

The office manager suspects that we did something underhanded, but so far he hasn't figured it out (and I can see that it is bothering him a bit). He just can't figure out why our office seems roomier, even after we moved in an extra computer stand.

My desk is the one in the back, with the network map pinned to the front of its partition wall. We were going to draw lots over who got the front desk and back desk, but we decided that it really didn't make much difference. With the partitions in place, they both offered lots of room, and decent privacy.
Broom Closet

Another duplicitous move on our part is that we both managed to procure a third screen for each of our desks. Unfortunately I only had an analogue plug for the one on the right, so the monitor on the right is not quite as sharp as the other two. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a surplus cord, but for now I am happy enough to have a third screen that I can live with a slightly fuzzy display.
Broom Closet

This is what happens when you hang out down by detox to hire your renovation guys. "Hey, does any of you feel sober enough to earn minimum wage for a few hours work?" To their defence, I think they were told that they did not have to do any heavy moving when they painted the place. On the other hand, the portable storage unit that stood there was not particularly heavy (and the two of us had little difficulty sliding it back into the corner).
Broom Closet
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