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atara and I went out on a date night on Saturday to catch Zombieland. I had fairly low expectations for the movie, since I was of the opinion that the genre has been pretty much played out. Happily it seems that I was wrong, because Zombieland is a very good movie. It has all of the best elements of humour, wit, action and gore to keep just about anyone entertained.

I rate it 3 1/2 Plonqies out of 4. Go see it.

We have discussed putting snow tires on the new car this year, and toward that end I did a bit of on-line tire research during some down time this afternoon. I never actually made it to any tire sites, because the first place I visited turned out to be a repository for vehicle complaints. There were about 20 consumer complaints about our car, from the inane one about the idiot who stuck his hand under the trunk lid before it cinched down ("It left some nasty indentations in my fingers!") to slightly more chilling ones abut suddenly losing power on the freeway.

The bulk of the complaints were about the dsg transmission - which makes me even happier that we went with the manual option. Not only do I prefer manual transmissions, but I regard them as a form of low-tech theft deterrence. Occasionally atara and I will take the car to one of those fancy car washes where they clean the interior and exterior. It is always amusing to see the cleaner at the finishing station stare blankly at the shifter for a few seconds and then call for their resident expert on manual shifting.
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