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The actualization of pie

Yesterday's potential pie became today's baked treat. Actually there are two of them, but only one is pictured here.
Actual Pie

Between the frozen pumpkin purée left over from last year's pie, and the pumpkin we bought at the farmer's market, I had just enough for the recipe. Last year I cooked the pumpkin in the microwave, but this year I went back to baking it in the regular oven. Even though it is a bit more work, I am going to stay with the oven method from now on. The colour, texture and flavour of the finished pumpkin is vastly superior.

In the microwave it tastes lie... pumpkin. When you roast it in the oven it picks up a hint of nutty flavour, with delightful overtones of caramelized sugar. It also comes out with a better colour.
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