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Duty calls

When they made me an officer in the guild, I didn't realize that it included the role of psychologist.

We have a fairly new kid in the guild who is a slightly insecure e-peener. During a Nexus run earlier today he finished third in dps behind two players who are much better geared than he is. His response was to blow every last copper he had on a different spec, new gear, gems and enchants to try and squeeze out another 400dps.

After a 10-man gear junket through Naxx 10 this evening (for some of our new level 80s) he started whining at me in private chat about how nobody likes him. I suspect that he's more right than he knows, but I made a token effort to mollify him anyway. The problem is that no matter what I say to him, he inevitably manages to twist it around and take it as a personal attack. Naturally I tried to reassure him with the usual hollow platitudes, but what I really wanted to say was, don't mistake contempt for hate.

But he'd probably just twist that around too.
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