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We're into September and July has finally caught up with us. We are entertaining atara's parents over the long weekend, and as part of that we took a trip up to Gimli today. It's a pretty little Icelandic town on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

I would write more about it but it is hot in our house, and they others are making plans to head out again very shortly.

Some people will actually go to some lengths to add lens flare to their pictures, but if you get the light just right the sun will take care of it for you. I didn't dare look through the viewfinder when setting up this picture (something about staring at the sun through a zoom lens makes me a bit squeamish), so the final results came as a surprise. I like how it turned out.
Gimli viking

Here is a generic gull sitting on a generic stick on a generic beach. A weird trick of the light makes it appear that the gull only has one leg.
Gimli gull
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