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They went there.

There is a billboard a few blocks north of us on Main Street that caught my attention when I was out driving yesterday. After atara got off work, I grabbed the camera and we went for a walk to enjoy the weather.

Mixed message

The double entendre is cute, but the message is clear: "If you let us give you a hair transplant, pretty women will want to have sex with you."

Their ads all run with common themes. Your worth as an individual is measured by your hairline. When you pose for a "before" picture with a receding hairline the lighting is always bad, you are always frowning, and you are 20 pounds heavier than you are after the hair transplant. Women will throw themselves at you if you get a hair transplant. They don't come right out and say it in those terms, but the message in their ads is pretty clear.

One of the reasons that I would never cut it in advertising is that I would be too prone to, well, telling the truth. "Hey dude, you're fat, ugly and bald. We can fix one of those."

Wait - I just described myself.
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