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Pardon me for being unsypmathetic.

Friends and family, in Facebook and Livejournal have been complaining about the hot weather out on the coast. This week's forecast summarizes our entire summer to date:

I'm trying to be sympathetic about the hot weather, but it's taking more effort than I can muster at the moment.

In a related note, a local news station put up an on-line poll: Environment Canada predicts nice summer weather will come to Manitoba over the next several weeks. Do you believe them? Currently the it's running 87-13% for the no side. That's been the story since June. Environment Canada says, "This cool wet weather will be ending soon. Expect sunny and and hot weather for next week." Then by the time next week arrives, they have revised the temperatures down by 10-15 degrees, and the sunny weather has mysteriously turned to rain and wind.

But just wait until next next week!
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