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Working all day and night

I was on duty again this weekend. Saturday went by pretty quickly, but Sunday ate up >3 hours of my time due to system problems -- some of with which I will have to deal in the morning. In spite of that, we managed to get a fair bit done this weekend, both at home and away (including a friend's 50th birthday. Just saying that makes me feel old.)

I also volunteered to do early coverage this week (and next week) at work. Normally I'm not even in the rotation for the early coverage, but we lost one person in our department, so they suddenly found themselves short of coverage. My boss has promised that they'll compensate me in some way for covering for them (I'm thinking probably just a couple of lieu days in exchange for the time worked).

In spite of the fact that I am on early duty next week, I think I am going to cash out a week of vacation time. I'll just cover off the work at home and take the rest of the day off. Working while on vacation doesn't feel right, but I've done it enough in the past couple of years to be used to it (and I have all this vacation time to burn).

I roasted a couple more batches of coffee this weekend. On Saturday I timed it and dumped it out of the roaster when the kitchen timer went off. It looked a bit light to me, and when I drank it this morning it had a very delicate flavour. It wasn't bad, but it was definitely a bit lighter than I'd have preferred. Today I ignored the time and just played it by eye and ear. I let it get well into the second crack and then removed it from the roaster. It looks just about right, but it took far longer than I had expected. If I am going to roast this stuff outside I am going to have to find a place that is more sheltered from the wind - it's screwing with my roasting times.

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