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As the weekend ends

As my (somewhat productive) 5-day weekend comes to a close, I decided to check my work email to see if there were any fires that would need extinguishing as soon as I get in tomorrow.

For the most part everything looks like it has been running well enough in my absence, but there was an email from our administrative department that caught my eye. In order to save money, they have cancelled two contracts: they have canned the contractor who provides and delivers office supplies, and the contractor who maintains the plants in the office.

"To avoid heavy lifting and possible over exertion,  it is recommended employees requiring paper take one bolt of paper per hand..."

Fair enough - we don't want any lost-time injuries as a result of loading your own printers. On the other hand, for the plants they are having employees "Adopt A Plant". Employees who have adopted a plant will be expected to feed, trim and water it, and arrange vacation coverage when they are going to be away. One may specify which plant they wish to adopt, but they won't make any promises that you'll get the plant that you want.


Poor plants. This is not going to end well.
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