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Canada Day

First of all, happy belated birthday Canada.

atara, dronon and I drove up to the park this evening to take in the Canada Day fireworks. Although I've never had good luck with firework pictures in the past, I decided to take my camera and tripod along to see if I could get any good shots. I took about 140 pictures in total, and I had pretty low expectations that any of them would turn out. After I copied them over to my computer and started flipping through them, my fears appeared to be borne out.

My auto focus refused to focus on the blank sky where the fireworks would be, so I had to guess my way to a good focus with the manual ring. The first 1/3 or so of the pictures had too slow of a shutter speed, and they were just slightly out of focus. I turned up the ISO settings and shutter speed, but I screwed up the focus and the next 1/3 or so of the pictures were little better than blobs of light. I don't remember doing so, but apparently I became concerned about the focus and adjusted it again because the last 40ish pictures were comparatively crisp.

One of the beauties of shooting lots of pictures is that in among the ones that are blurry, or a second too early or late, you will sometimes find a gem like this one:
Canada Day Fireworks
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