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My poppies are poppin'

In the words of Tom "T-Bone" Stankus (who, incidentally, has one of the ugliest home pages I have seen in a long time):

Well, I got a little bit tired.
Walking down the road today, doooo-dahhhhh, dooooo-daaaaahhhhhh.
A little bit tired of walking down this old blinding yellow
brick road
So I pulled my little tired body off to a little rest area,
And lo and behold there's a little field of little red
flowers out there
[Sniff] Smells so good. Whoa! Getting pretty tired.
Smells so good [sniff]
Figured I'd just strectch out for a bit in this little field of...
poppies poppies poppies poppies poppies poppies ....
I was having a really strange dream, man, you know,
Little red flowers just smell awfully good
I was having a great time
The old wizard's just going to have to wait, man.
And I'm just going to strecth out again in this field of poppies.

My poppies are poppin'

tl;dr - my poppies are blooming!
Tags: poppies
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