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The weather outside was so beautiful this morning that I was almost inspired to write a poem. The poem wasn't happening, so I tried my hand at some haiku. I threw a couple of them together, but they all sounded pretentious and sappy. Rather than inflicting my own pretentious and sappy haiku on you, I figured that I would do a public service and let you inflict it on yourself. Below is a table with all the parts you need to assemble some bona fide haiku drivel.

The table is very simple to use; take any line from the first column and combine it with any line from the second, and then a line from the third and enjoy your dubious haiku masterpiece. The possibilities are endless! (If you interpret "endless" and "125" to be equivalent.)

gently the spring rainflows through a part in the blindsand comforts the soul
playfully the sunteases the senses to lifeand eases the cares
a fresh springtime breezewakens the joy in one's heartand gives wing to dreams
cacophonous songreminds us that spring is nighand cleanses the mind
the call of naturerenews forgotten stirringsand I banged your mom
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