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Yesterday was a wash

The roofers did not come by yesterday - though I had not really expected to see them since it was pissed down rain the whole day. On the other hand, when they called me last week they said that, weather permitting, they would be by on "Monday or Tuesday", so I put in for vacation time on both days.

When there was still no sign of them by 9:30 this morning, I called the company and asked when we could expect to see them.

Wednesday. For sure. Promise. Guaranteed.

Or Thursday.

I cancelled the vacation time I has set up for today and came in to work a little late. I've scheduled it again for tomorrow, but if they haven't shown up at the house by 8 then I'll cancel it again, come to work and reschedule it for Thusrday. I can play this game all week if I have to.
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