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I'm unimpressed with the weather forecasts around these parts.

The roofers are coming by on Mon/Tue to redo the house and garage - or that's the theory anyway. Obviously that will depend on the weather.

When I went to bed last night, the weather forecast was showing sunny and warm on both days. When I got up this morning, they were still showing sunny and warm for both days.

I just hit refresh on the page, and they've changed it to cold and raining now for Monday and Tuesday. If I check it again before I go to bed, it will have changed again - probably calling for snow, tsunamis, tornadoes, Godzilla or some combination thereof.

The weather forecasts for this area have never been particularly good, but lately they have been especially bad. I don't know if the weather has just become that unpredictable, or if it is because they have closed so many of their weather offices that the only one remaining between BC and Ontario is in Edmonton. No offence to the handful of people left at Environment Canada, but their weather page is almost useless beyond calling it up to see the current conditions -- and even those are often wrong.
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