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"But the special effects were good"

I was originally going to post about something else, but I've been discussing movies with a co-worker and the more we speak, the more I have come to conclude that he represents the reason why we keep getting so many bad shows out of Hollywood. He was gushing about the latest X-Men, and when I mentioned that it was getting pretty mediocre reviews from the critics and from pretty much everyone I know who has seen it, he got a bit defensive and suggested that people were going to see it with their expectations set too high. Apparently it has pretty good special effects.

The conversation then migrated to television. We both agreed on many of the better shows in current (or recently finished) running, and I mentioned that the theme shared between all of the shows was that they had solid writing. I steered it back to movies then, and suggested that writing was the difference between the first three Star Wars, and the more recent abominations bearing the same name. Once again he got defensive, saying that he really liked the last three movies.

Me: "But the writing was horrible, especially the dialogue. Everything that made the first three movies so great was missing from the later ones."

Him: "Ya, but people don't go to these movies for the writing. Sure, the writing was pretty bad, and the dialogue was pretty brutal - especially the love scenes - but the special effects were good."

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