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Green eggs and ham

While atara and I were out spending a little more money than we could afford this weekend (in the optimistic hope that she will be working again sometime in the next week or so), we stopped at Canadian Tire to look at barbecues. They carry decent line of barbecues, from rickety low-end, single burner units to $2000 back-lit, computer controlled replacement penises. Our criteria was "something that works, that we can afford, and will last longer than our current one" so that ruled out anything at those ends of the scale.

As much as I would like to have an NG model that plugs into our home's natural gas line, I'm thinking that we are probably (eventually) going to end up with a mid-line, 2-burner propane model with side burner.

I like grilling; there is something about it that appeals to my inner caveman. ME COOK WITH FIRE! I also like the convenience of grilling with gas, but I have to fight down these recurring feelings of nostalgia for charcoal grilling. I prefer the flavour that charcoal instils in the food. I like the ritual of loading up the briquettes, measuring out the starter fluid, and then cussing them to the right cooking temperature, all without blowing yourself up or setting yourself on fire. They remind me of family outings, and Dad cooking hamburgers over the open charcoal grill. They are wonderfully low-tech and primal in both form and function.

1) Light Fire
2) Put meat over fire
3) Food

Once the novelty wore off, I would probably curse myself for not getting a more convenient gas grill. On the other hand, once we're both working again and feeling rich, who's to say that we can't get a second grill to satisfy my occasional need to cook over coals? I haven't priced them out, but if I was on the hunt for a charcoal I would probably give a closer look to something...

The Big Green Egg
There isn't too much you couldn't cook in this ceramic, charcoal-fired beauty. Fire it up to 800F for the tandoori chicken or pizza that you can only dream about making in your kitchen oven.
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