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Last post on this subject

Unless there are some significant new developments, this will be my last post on the flood situation here because I don't want to sound like a broken record. atara and I have obsessed about it a bit here because we're at the heart of it. The pictures that we have posted are mostly unimpressive ones from the park up our street. While the river is pretty impressive to see in person, you have to remember that our exposure to this flood is from inside the aegis of the floodway.

This is north of the city. Rail and road are completely cut off for some areas. If you look close, you can still see the river's usual channel.

I think this is the town of Morris, south of the city. A number of the smaller towns have surrounded themselves with ring dikes, and at times like this are only accessible by boat.

It is easy to understand why some of the farmers feel a bit isolated during flood season. Two weeks ago, this was dry prairie with a river running through it, now locals have dubbed it "The Red Sea".

This, and a series of permanent dikes along the south edge of town are all that stands between us and disaster. If these gates ever failed, they estimate that around 475,000 homes could be damaged or destroyed.

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