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The ones that didn't make the cut

Whenever I post a batch of pictures from an outing, I usually end up posting only a fraction of the pictures that I took. If I shoot 20 pictures while I am out, 12 will be garbage, 5 will have minor issues that made me decide not to post them, and the last 3 will make it to my Flickr account. I posted my favourites from yesterday's zoo trip earlier today, but I decided to post some of the "also ran" pictures that didn't make the cut.

I cut this one just because I'd already included two snow leopard pictures, and I was having trouble picking my favourite of them. In retrospect you can never have too much snow leopard!
You can never have too much snow leopard!

I love the pose and intensity in this one, but there is just too much fence in the foreground (even converting to B&W didn't entirely help) and he gets lost against the background - partly as a result of the blurring from the fence.
Pondering eagle
I had the ISO set too low for action shots. I should probably just leave it set to Auto, but I like shooting with low ISO because there is less CCD noise in the pictures. This would have been a great shot if I'd been shooting at 400 instead of 100.
Trying to escape!
Great pose - too much fence.
Nice pose.
Once again, I love the pose, but I am underwhelmed by the background. The lighting is pretty poor in this one too, and there is only so much you can do with software to fix that.
Regal eagle
Again, he's kind of lost against the backdrop. Chain link fences and chicken wire are two of the worst things to serve as a backdrop when photographing critters. On another note, I am amused how (mostly birds) sometimes just lose it and attack the fence. I don't know if the concept of "escape" means anything to them so much as the frustration of "I am here and I want to be there and this thing is in my way!" Given the sorry shape of his left wing, he wouldn't be going very far anyway (kind like federal politics up here - hm). Most of the birds they have here are either part of a breeding program or, like this guy, were brought here because they suffered an injury too great to let them survive in the wild.
Tilting at fences
I like everyting about this picture except the lighting.
Enjoying the warmer weather
This guy was not being very photo-friendly. The picture is full of strange artefacts from the fence in the foreground, and as much as I love leopards, this just isn't a very good picture from a composition standpoint.
Wait, did he just change his spots?
I love the backdrop and setting for this one, but the lighting is kind of poor. And dude, like, it's a picture of his ass. He just was not being cooperative.
Bear backside
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