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Today would be better if these windows could open, and I had a supply of bricks.

I am both an attentive, and inattentive driver. By that I mean that I pay very close attention to what everybody else is doing on the road, but I can develop tunnel vision at times, and not notice anything outside of my driving zone. On the plus side, this means that I have managed to go for 20 years without a major accident (the exception being when somebody rear-ended me in an intersection a year after I moved here when I had the audacity to stop for a red light). The down side is that I can become so focused on the mechanic of driving that I have, on more than one occasion, blithely driven right past the street or exit that I needed, and not noticed for quite some minutes.

Unusual things will catch my attention, such as a building with flames billowing out of the windows, or a guy in an orange vest, waving a white cane back and forth in front of him.

It was the guy in the orange vest who caught my attention this morning. Traffic in my lane had stopped, and the movement of orange in corner of my vision caught my attention. I watched him making his way up the west walk of Princess Avenue, waving the white cane frantically in front of him as he walked. I probably wouldn't have spared him a second glance except that he was putting up a pretty good clip for a blind guy who was apparently feeling his way along with a cane. Just as the incident was scheduled to be filed away and forgotten amongst all of the other mundania of the morning commute, he suddenly stopped and turned abruptly to his right to face the road.

The next thing I knew, he was scrambling over the snow bank, cane extended in front of him toward the rush hour traffic. All I could do was wince inwardly and think, "There is no possible way that this can end well." He stepped over the street side of the snow bank, cane extended in front of him, and just when it looked like he was going to plunge headlong into the cars, the end of his cane suddenly opened into a claw and neatly closed on a discarded paper cup on the edge of the roadway.


Well, that would explain the orange vest. I guess they've finally started the spring clean-up of our streets.
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