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The winter of our discontent

For some reason they took $7.97 less income tax off my current cheque than they did off my last one. I would not even have noticed it if one of my co-workers (who sifts through every pay advice with a magnifying glass) mentioned that his net pay had gone up from his last cheque. I called up my current and prior pay statements to see if I could spot the difference, and I quickly noticed that the difference in deducted taxes. If this is some kind of general tax reduction then I'll be looking at an extra $160ish in take-home pay this year. It won't have us swimming in wealth, but it's enough to pay for a fancy dinner.

The 2008/2009 season shall hereafter be known as "the winter that just kept giving". On Monday they were tracking a system that was expected to bring us "scattered flurries". By yesterday they were saying that it could drop "up to 5cm" on us. This morning we went outside to well over 10cm of snow - and now they are calling for another 5cm today. If this 5cm is anything like the scattered flurries we were supposed to get then we could be in for trouble.

Last week I was debating if I should burn off the last of the gas in the snow blower and put it away for the season. My Magic 9-Ball1 says "probably good that you didn't."

I haven't seen as many sites pulling their usual April 1st pranks this year, and most of the ones that I have seen lack subtlety. For example, the "Warner Brothers Purchases The Pirate Bay" headline on one of the news gathering sites I read was cute, but pretty obvious.

1 It's like a Magic 8-Ball, but when shaken it simply states the patently obvious.
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