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Bleeding gums

Every week or so they put out a new poll on our internal web portal. Last week it was a survey about our HR self-serve system. This week it appeared to be about to be the same questions, so I decided to change my answer.

When I clicked the submit button on the survey, the question remained the same, but the answers changed.

Either something screwed up behind the scenes, or our HR department is really branching out these days.

I got my gums trimmed teeth cleaned and de-scaled today. About 35 minutes into the process I finally commented to the hygienist that my teeth seemed to be a bit worse than normal. She seemed surprised that I knew. When you've already lost a quarter-pound of gum material and a pint of blood, you tend to notice these things.

I am not surprised that my teeth have more plaque than usual - it's my own fault for eating too healthy these days. Healthier foods tend to result in more tartar, but less plaque. The same acids in the plaque that dissolve your teeth also dissolves the tartar. It's like a choice between a kick in the privates, or a knee in the privates. I get to choose between eating sugary foods and rotting away my teeth, or eating healthy foods and irritating my gums to the point where my healthy teeth fall out anyway.

You know, it could be worse. For all the times I bite my cheek or tongue by accident, I imagine how much worse it must be for a cat with its razor-sharp teeth.
Tags: dentist, gums, teeth
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