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Thinking is hard. Make up my mind for me. kthxbai

I give up. I've been pouring over this list of uninspiring rewards, trying to decide which one to take. We don't really need knives, but if I got one of these two sets we could get rid of the cheap ones that came with the wok we bought a couple of years ago. On the other hand, I dearly miss the electric skillet my brother and I had when we were sharing an apartment in Victoria (he claimed it when we went our separate ways).

There are a few things rewards that don't interest me at all (the cheap foot spa, iCube dock, child-sized snowshoes, etc.) and a couple that atara has outright forbidden me from claiming (like the circular saw - not sure why she doesn't trust me with power tools). There are also a couple that I probably should get (like the folding exercise bench, punching ball set, etc.), but I have narrowed it down to a handful that we both wouldn't mind.

Poll #1358596 You choose so I don

Which prize do you recommend for us?

Fabulous Prize A (skillet)
Fabulous Prize B (knives)
Fabulous Prize C (more knives)

This removable pan skillet by Rival features a 16” x 12” non-stick cooking surface, is dishwasher safe and has a tempered glass lid with a steam vent. Front mounted adjustable temperature control. (Model may vary from image shown). Don't let your lack of counter space dissuade you from choosing this prize that you might never use. If you have any second doubts about selecting this counter-hogging appliance of dubious use, remember to recite this important litany: It's free!

This high quality flat heel knives set features triple riveted polypropylene handles and includes 8” chefs knife, 4” parer, 8” carving knife, 8” bread knife, 10” sharpening steel, and a hard wood block. Don't let the fact that you already own most of these knives in their individual form steer you away from this quality knife set. J.A. Henckels is renown for the quality of their blades, and is the choice of cooks and psychotic killers everywhere. Planning a bus trip? You'll be glad you chose Henckel quality.

Cut number 3 features a 7-piece knife set made of stainless steel and hollow handled knives. Includes: meat shears, paring blade, carving blade, chopping blade, bread blade, utility blade and sharpener. Block included. Perfect for the culinary aspirant who isn't afraid to sacrifice quality for style. Remember, if your cooking implements look good, then your food can't help but taste good.

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