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Delicious and moist - this cake is NOT a lie.

Yesterday atara demanded that I make cupcakes for her. Since she is not one to be disobeyed when she needs cupcakes, I set aside what I was doing and made an experimental batch of orange cupcakes. I later learned that she had only been joking, but not before they had cooled, and I was half done icing them.

Orange cupcakes

Overall they turned out quite palatable, but there are a couple of things that I will do differently the next time I follow this recipe. The first thing can be summed up by the following exchange.

Me: "I had a bitch of a time getting these out of the cups. I broke two of them before I learned the technique."
atara: "Why did you remove the paper liners?"
Me: "... paper liners?"

The other thing I might change when I make these again is to add some orange food colouring to the batter and/or icing.

I had to improvise a bit as well because I discovered that we don't have any cake flour (or if we do, I didn't see it when I was looking). I got around that by fortifying regular all-purpose flour with some corn starch, and that seemed to yield satisfactory results. I ran an old orange we had sitting around through the juicer to give flavour to the batter. There wasn't enough juice for the icing as well, so I had to settle for frozen concentrate, but I added the zest from the original orange to give it some additional flavour and texture.

These turned out well in spite of me. I had just put the cupcakes in the oven, and when I turned back around to start cleaning up, I noticed that some of the important ingredients were still sitting on the table. I frantically rescued them from the oven before they could start to bake, and meticulously scooped the batter back into the mixing bowl so that I could add the rest of the ingredients.

Je suis désolés, sirs and madams, but dessert will be slightly delayed because le chef est un idiot.

In the end, I suppose it is results that matter the most and gosh darn it, these things are pretty good.
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