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Eat more fish.. er, beef!

Sea Kittens!
Sea Kittens!
Sea Kittens!

They're so cute! how could I ever want to eat a sea kitten?

OK PETA, I'm convinced; no more fish! Back to eating cows and pigs for me. Mmm... yummy steak and bacon. =9

They took away my license for Photoshop at work. I've had PS 6 on my machine here for ages, and I use it frequently, but our corporate standard is now CS3 and they don't want to keep paying for the licenses for older versions. Any thoughts I might have been harbouring toward requesting an upgrade were quashed by the part of the message that listed the price for the new product, and said that I would have to justify it as a required tool for my job as a graphic artist.

My job description falls a bit short of that.

I told them to shove their license up their collective rectums that I didn't need PS and that I would go ahead and remove the program (one of the benefits of having local administration access on my machine -- I had to get VP-level approval for it, but it's been totally worth it). I turned around and installed GIMP on it the next day. Our IT security guys seem to have this aversion to open source software, so I am bracing myself for a take-down notice sometime down the road. "We have never heard of this program, so it must pose some kind of security risk." They said the same for Firefox and VLC.

My first impressions of GIMP are that it's not bad. It's not the PS-killer that a lot of folk like to play it up as, but it covers all of the basics. Its interface is different from what I am used to in PS, but it's not badly laid out, and it shouldn't take me too long to be navigating through it efficiently. I would say that it compares to PS about the same way that Open Office compares to MS Office. As long as you know its limitations, you can coax some decent results out of it.

I admit that I came to ♥ it a bit more when I discovered that it comes standard with a filter that lets you add coffee stains to an image. Geeky, useless things like that are a quick way to win my affection.
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